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Wow Customers with stunning design

Standout from the crowd

The average customer looks at 8 sites in one go, so its vital to create good impression

Eye catching designs to Blast away the competition

Most sites look similar. OLO sites draw on magazines and movies to create eye catching design to push you to the front

Intelligent Design

OLO sites are more than just pretty - every part of the sites is designed to be easy to use

Wow customers with stunning design

Our sites have beautiful captivating designs

An OLO sites doesn't look like a website! By drawing inspiration from brochures, magazines and billboards, OLO sites have a distinct style which will immediately create a lasting impression on your customers. Most websites tend to use small images in order to load quickly. This is a missed opportunity, as a photo is worth a 1000 words! People find it hard to read on the text, but instantly connect to a photo. OLO sites make great use of photos, allowing our websites to form a direct and instant connection with your customers. Remarkably, our compression techniques allow images to load quickly - often faster than a regular website!
Scrap book style web design for Swimming with Babies

Case Study

Baby swimming offers a unique chance for parents to bond with their babies. The scrap booking design of the Swimming with Babies website instantly conveys this, as it has a very personal, hands-on and child-like appearance. As a result, visitors to the site can instantly identify with, especially as other sites in the industry have corporate and sterile visuals. Visit website

Brochure-like style web design for Access Security

Case Study

The brochure-like design of this website instantly conveys the authority, trust and reliably of Access Security. The layout of the page is just like a brochure and makes a refreshing change from other sites in the industry, which overly-plain and uninteresting. Visit website

Billboard style web design for Kwik Sale Houses

Case Study

Most house buying websites are depressing, using sombre colours to reflect the multiple dangers that one will face if their house is repossessed. The Kwik Sale Houses website is much accessible. It focus on the emotional benefits that Kwik Sale offers through the use of bright billboard style images. The result is a site that users can warm to which creates a strong relationship with customers. Visit website

Magazine style web design for Meera Fashion Soul

Case Study

Fashion blog Meera's Fashion Soul is designed like a fashion magazine. This gives it immediate impact and instantly conveys the subject matter of the site (Under development).

Inteligent Design - More than just beautiful

How many times have you left a website because it was too difficult to use? OLO websites are intelligently design to allow your customers to quickly find the information they need. Most web users come to a site looking for a specific piece of information and are rarely adventurous to look for anything else, even though other content on the site may interest them. OLO sites are designed to guide users to such content, making your site work much harder for you. OLO designs are more than beautiful - they transform interested visitors into paying customers!
Guiding users to new content

Case Study

The bottom of every article on the Access Secuirty contains handy thumbnails pointing to other areas of the site that may be of interest to the visitor. These are randomly generated each time the page is accessed. This will expose the user to content that they may have not actively searched for but would be of interest to them. Visit website

Intelligent web design through thoughtful navigation

Case Study

Swimming with Babies offers a number of sections. To avoid overwhelming visitors, we put the most important items at the top in the order that users would normally access them. Less-important sections are neatly grouped into a easily accessible sub menu. This makes them visible, but prevents them from cluttering up the most important information. Visit website

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