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Sell Products and Services

Risk free selling

OLO sites automatically collect payment before you send out goods

Fully automated process

OLO sites take care of everything from sending our invoices to even addressing labels

Stock management

Receive emails when your low on stock

No products - No problem?

With an OLO site you can sell anything - even video, music and photos

Easily Sell Products Online

It's Easy

All OLO e-commerce sites come with a catalogue interface that is easy to use. With just a few clicks you can put products on your site together with photos (or even videos!). The site takes care of everything from managing stock, collecting payment, emailing invoices and even producing address labels. It's like having your own workforce, without the cost and hassle.
Create online catalogues quickly and easily

Case Study

Despite being new to computers, the staff at Trudy Smith found it a breeze to add content to their website. With just a few clicks, they were able to keep their online catalogue regularly updated. Visit website

Risk Free

You don't have to worry about customers ripping-you off, as the site collects payment when the customer places an order. If you want to offer offline payment methods (such as cheques or BACS transfer), the site offers an easy system to keep track of payments, so you'll always know which customers owe you money.
Risk Free Product Selling

Case Study

ATN primary collects money through PayPal. This makes selling risk free, as money is collected before goods are sent out. For some products, ATN also accepts payment via BACs and Cheques. In these instances, the easy-to-use management system makes it a breeze to keep track of who has paid. Visit website

No products? - No problem!

With an OLO site you don't need to have physical products. You can sell images, music or even videos. An OLO site offers all the safeguards needed to allow paying customers to download your images and videos while keeping out freeloaders. Preview systems can be set up to allow customers to view low quality preview images in a private space, giving you the best chance to entice customers into buying your content.
An OLO site can sell music, video and photos!

Case Study

Swimming with Babies offers parents the chance to swim with their newborn children. Each session includes a free photo-shoot. Parents can then go online to purchase videos and photos of their session. Obviously, in such a situation, privacy is paramount and so the site offers a secure system to ensure that no one can access the content other than the rightful parents. Time limited low quality previews are offered which allows the site to entice parents into a sale. Visit website

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