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Organise Office Paperwork

Banish real world clutter

Get rid of you paperwork and put it online

No more searching

With an OLO site, all your data is accessible at the touch of button

Safe and Secure

Your data is safely stored on private servers

Accessible anywhere

Acces you data from any internet device. Security system controls who can see what

Spot trends

Your OLO site can generate graphs and charts of your data making it easy for you to spot trends

Organise Office Paperwork

Turn unruly paperwork into a force of knowledge

No online likes office paperwork. It's gets in the way, it's always there, and it's a chore to do. An OLO site transforms it from a tedious task into a force of knowledge. Our easy input system makes it a breeze to enter receipts and generate invoices, which means you can do a bit everyday instead of letting it pile up. A touch a button of you can access the information you need and view handy graphs and statistics which may let you see your business in a new light.
Get on top of paper work with an OLO website

Case Study

Our easy interface system made a breeze for Image Design was able to put all its purchasing receipts into a secure online space. With just one click, the company is able to produce a live chart that turns that unruly information into a valuable decision making tool. The company was then able to adjust its strategy to drive down costs and raise profits.

Keep track of work

An OLO website offers a centralise place to store all the information you need to get work done. Everyday essentials such as quotations, cost of materials, time spent working, client briefs, phone numbers and important document can all be stored in an online space. Data can be accessed from any internet device, and comprehensive safe guards are in place to give you complete control over who can access what. Don't spend time looking for things again - An OLO site is your private library of data that delivers the exact information you need at the touch of a button.

Automate Invoicing

Invoicing gets in the way of work, but if you don't do it you wont have the funds to continue working. With an OLO site, invoicing is a breeze. The site keeps track of all your quotes and time spent working, so you generate an invoice at the touch of button. The site will then automatically email this to the client and offer them facility to pay online. A handy reminder system will alert you when you need to chase up late payers and this site can even do this by automatically sending email or SMS text message reminders to your customers.
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