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Manage Courses and Appointments

Save time for you customers and your customers

Customers can book/check appointments without bothering you

Error Free

OLO sites track placements, making overbooking impossible

Automated Reminders

OLO sites can automatically email/text people to remind them of their bookings

Automated follow ups

Your site can send out certificates and suggest follow up courses automatically

Streamline course booking & appointments

Save time for your Customers and yourself

An OLO site streamlines the whole process of booking a course/appointment. With just a few clicks, customers can log on and select a time that suits them. The website monitors placements to avoid over-bookings. Customers can log on at any time to check an appointment without calling you. Even better, your OLO site will print off a list of people attending your course/appointment. This means that you can easily identify all the attendees and be fully aware of their needs and requirements.
Online Appointment Booking

Case Study

The on-line booking system at Cottage House Dentists makes it a breeze for patients to book an appointment or check an existing appointment without having to endure frustrating phone queues. The security features ensure that each patients details remain private. As well as increasing customer satisfaction, the system also slashes staff costs by reducing the number of receptionists who have to answer the telephones.

Turn course booking into an experience

An OLO site allows you to add the personal touch to the experience of booking a course/appointments. When booking an course/appointment, users will automatically receive an email welcome pack. This pack will provide directions to the event, answers to common questions and list of things the user needs to bring. This welcome pack could even contain access to an on-line form, allowing the user to provide information about special needs or provide permission for the use of photography. A day before the course/appointment, users can receive a reminder email or SMS text message. The result is friendly experience, which allows users to be prepared for their session. There's nothing else like it: the booking services on other sites tend to be impersonal and sterile.
Automated email Welcome Packs

Case Study

The Swimming with Babies website automatically emails out a welcome pack to new customers that book course, containing a variety of useful information. Visit website

Automate the after course experience: Send out certificates or follow-ups

AN OLO site continues to provide benefits even after the course/appointment is over. Users can automatically receive a personalised certificate by email to commemorate their achievement. For medical appointments, after-care advice can also be sent by email, providing your users a handy reminder of their session. Details of related courses can also be emailed which will encourage your attendees to return for more.
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