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Drive traffic and E-marketing

Outstanding Google performance

OLO programming techniques make it easy for Google to read you site

Buy the top spot with Google Ads

OLO sites will make sure you get more performance out of every penny you spend

Reach customers even when they are not at your site

With an OLO site it's easy to send email newsletters and SMS text messages

Boost Google Rankings

Our websites use a variety of techniques to boost your Google rankings. First and foremost we give you all the tools to make regular updates and offer fresh riveting content on your site, which is the best way to drive traffic. However, we also do under-the-hood optimisation from using HTML 5 coding, meta tags, semantic layout and page titles to make sure Google can easily read your website.
Fresh regular content pushes you to the top

Case Study

Search engines love fresh and regular content and reward websites that offer interesting articles on a frequent basis. Our easy-editing tools make it a breeze for ATN to regularly post such content. This has been one of the key ways in which has reached the number one spot for its industry area. Visit website

Buy the top spot with Google Ads

If you need the top spot in a hurry, we can administer a Google Ads campaign for you. Unlike traditional advertising, you only pay for a Google Ad when someone clicks on it, optimising your spending. We are Google ad experts and can target your ads right down to a particular town or time of day, which means less of your money is spent on irrelevant customers. Best of all, our quality coding techniques means that you often spend less money per a click than your competitors
Get the top spot with Google Ads. An OLO site will give you more for your cash.

Case Study

The KwikSale campaign made £21,000 in its first weekend thanks to OLO administered Google Ad campaign. The campaign was targeted to specific towns and only ran at certain times of day, which ment that every penny was spent on driving relevant customers to the website. As a bonus, OLO's skill in producing the site drove down the cost per a click and boosted the site to Google's featured box driving even more traffic.

Reach Customers when away from your site

Our e-marketing tools make it easy for your to reach customers even when they are not looking at your website. With just a few clicks, you can email a professional newsletter to inform them of your latest offers or events. Or for greater impact, you can send out SMS text messages on a mass scale with just a few clicks.
Easily send mass scale email messages or SMS text messages

Case Study

With just a few clicks, the Swimming with Babies team can send out beautiful emails to keep customers update on their latest services. An OLO site makes it easy to turn such messages into SMS texts, which allows you to reach customers where ever they are. Visit website

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