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Case Study: Simple but effective navigation bar

Contentcom A flash based website based in Brazil, Content Com uses depth and distance to produce a unique and striking effect.

The sense of depth is produced in a simple manner, by placing some objects nearer than others.

The placement of the circular gradient also adds to the effect, by providing a central focal point from which to gauge distance.

When switching between pages, a circular animation is used, similar to the way theatre backgrounds are rotated to switch between scenes. This animation compliments the circular gradient.

Priority and Atmosphere

The second page itself has a hand drawn background, which compliments the theatre technique of the animation. Using a hand drawn background is an effective method for controlling focus. It allows the photo of the two people to be centre stage. At the same time, it creates an atmosphere without calling undue attention to itself.

Colour and Style

The site adopts a clan look though minimal use of content. The colour scheme avoids the generic web 2.0 white clean look by making use of creams (and brown as a contrasting accent). This allows the site to be clean, but also have a unique identity (as cream and brown are rarely used on clean sites).

Cream is a good choice as it is light enough to work with white in the gradient without creating an overpowering contrast. It also works well with brown to create a weighty contrast to highlight key information.

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