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Case Study: Red Gazelle - Neat touches

To create an elegant website, you need a clean, plain layout. This can run the risk of being empty and boring. Red Gazelle contains a number of neat touches to prevent that from happening.

The logo is used as a watermark. This adds a touch of internest and elegance without being distracting. One draw back of the logo, is that the eyes on the gazelle directs the user away from the page. The website compensates from through the use of the right hand photos which deflect the eye gaze of the gazelle back to the content. However, in some instances the photos are also facing away from the page which exacerbates the issue.

The photos help to create interest especial as they depict business people doing semi-unusual activities. The use of Black and white and fading effect tones down the images and stops them from disrupting the elegant atmosphere of the rest of the site.

Clean simply typography helps to complete the simple and elegant look. The restrained use of colour is also especially effective.

Red Gazelle isn't without problems. The full width red navigation bar runs the risk of unbalancing the design. The same could also be said of the logo at the top which, to a degree, ads too much space to the top.

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