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Case Study: Bold Website

Youth Against Sudoku This site has a clean and bold design that offers tremendous impact.

Why it works

The design has a strong sense of hierarchy that reinforces the natural top to bottom reading breeze.

The headline perhaps takes up too much space, especially on a 1024 x 768 display, but by being the single occupant of the white area, it is unmissable. The white area also offers a counterpoint to the read, by creating balance and preventing it from being overwhelming.

Part of the red area obtrudes into the white area creating continuity between the clearly seperate areas. Fonts is shared between the two, which further enhances the relationship.

The graphic at the bottom is a neat finishing touch. It uses a bold, simple style which continues the theme of the site. By positioning it cropped, it has more impact as the reader will complete the picture in his/her mind (creating engagement). It also adds a sense of mystery and tension, as it is significantly different from the rest of the site (by being the sole graphic) and so disrupts the layout.

The bold simple design lends itself perfectly to using different colour schemes:

Not Perfect

As mentioned above, the design doesn't work on a 1024 x 768 display, which causes the design to lose its impact, especially as the character graphic is lost.

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