Neat Snippets on Rareview

Two neat snippets

Rype Arts - Clean site with Impact

This site is clean but has plenty of impact

Red Gazelle - Neat touches

Neat Touches from an Elegant Website

Examples of Continuation

How to continue the front page

Fit Bit - Good use of Images

Fit bit images have impact without distraction

Grow - A neat, clean website

A neat clean website

My site in the Web Designer's Idea Book

Swimming With Babies is a web winner!

Interesting Snippets

A collection of Interesting web Snippets

Neat use of silhouettes

Bricbar makes an unusual spin on the silhouette style

Interesting Magazine Style Website

Bold text and images and strong grid structure emulate the look of magazines

Emphasis through space

Lessons learned from a gorgeously clean website

"Poking-up" graphic

Snippet of an interesting connector graphic.

Awesome use of Contrast

Odopod has an awesome use of contrast

Bold Website

Clean, bold design that has tremendous impact

Paper model Aesthetic

Redbull Soap Box Racer

Beautiful Silhouettes

Imagining Mozambique mixes gradients and silhouettes to create atmosphere

Dot Pattern effect

Pixel effect creates a fabric like look

Mix of Clean and Wood

Westokes Advertising Mixes web two trends

Depth and Distance

Contentcom has a striking sense of depth and distance

Eye Catching Photo Gallery

Bredber seamlessly mixes images with a striking sense of depth

Video as a background

Interesting use of Video

Navigation Collection

Navigation examples that work well

Restaurant Websites

A study into Restaurant websites

Shopping interfaces

Highs and lows of shopping cart interfaces

Simple but effective navigation bar

Simple Shadows and strokes work effectively

Neat touches

Mix of interesting navigation and display ideas.